Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: How do I start a new game? There is no menu in the game windows!

Use the right mouse button to click in a game window. You will see a pop-up menu appear that contains several menu selections including New Game. Solitaire Plus intentionally avoids menus and speed buttons all over the screen in order to maintain a clean, uncluttered layout as well as maximize the space available for game play.

Solitaire Plus also includes an optional status bar at the bottom of game windows that includes speed buttons for common menu selections.


Question: What is the difference between "New Game", "Select Game...", and "Restart"?

Selecting "New Game" shuffles and redeals the cards (the game is randomly selected from the first 10 million possible deals).


"Select Game..." presents you with a dialog that allows you to enter a specific game number that can be reproduced at any time, including different computers. Each time you deal a specific game, the game number in the "Select Game..." dialog is incremented by one.


Selecting "Restart" will restore the initial deal of the cards (no shuffle) for the current game you are playing.


Question: How can I change the card backs or game backgrounds to something else?

Click the right mouse button in a game window to get the pop-up menu. Then select Options. A panel will appear with various options including changing the card back and background color. You can use any BMP or JPEG image as a card back or a game background.


Images for card backs that are scaled to about the size of the cards (70 W x 115 H pixels) and anti-aliased will look best. Images designed for tiling will look best for backgrounds. Solitaire Plus includes 100 attractive game backgrounds as a new feature.


Question: I don't see the face down cards. What do I do?

Sometimes a selected custom card back image fails to convert properly. In this situation, it is possible for the face down cards to fail to draw. To remedy this, open the Options panel and select one of the nine built-in card backs and press "OK". The face down cards should become visible.


You can then retry using a custom image as a card back using the "Browse" button.


Question: Where are the rules for the games?

Click the right mouse button to get the pop-up menu in a game window. Then select "Rules..." You may also hit the F1 key at any time to open the Help window.


Here are two great books available at your local bookstore if you are really an addict:

The Complete Book of Solitaire and Patience Games by Albert H. Morehead & Geoffrey Mott-Smith; Bantam Books.
Teach Yourself Card Games for One by David Parlett; NTC Publishing Group.


Question: Why don't the cards automatically move to the foundations?

The autoplay feature is activated by clicking with the right mouse button in a game window and selecting the "Autoplay" menu item. The feature is enabled if the menu item is checked. The autoplay feature may be enabled and disabled at will during a game, which is sometimes desirable if the default autoplay action is not what you would prefer to happen. You can also use the undo feature to back up from one or more autoplays. Solitaire Plus intentionally implements an aggressive autoplay (cards are played as soon as available).


Question: Sometimes the cards jump to places automatically? Why is this happening?

Solitaire Plus implements a "smart-dragging" feature which attempts to guess where the card should go without requiring you to drag the cards over a specific location. The smart dragging can be disabled in the "Other" tab of the Options panel. However, you are encouraged to read the smart-dragging topic which describes in detail how the feature works. Most users who understand the smart-dragging behavior find it very helpful.


Question: What do I do when the game expires after the 30 day trial?

Please contact and place an order for Solitaire Plus. Upon receipt of an order you will be provided with a registration code that will allow you to continue playing your currently installed copy of Solitaire Plus.


If you choose not to order Solitaire Plus, please uninstall the game using the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs feature. Select "Solitaire Plus" in the list and then press the Remove button.