Rules for Yukon

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Similar games in Solitaire Plus include Double Yukon and Russian Solitaire.






Twenty-eight cards dealt in seven tableau piles.
The number of cards per pile increases from one to seven from left to right.
The top card of each pile is face up (exposed), the rest are face down (hidden).
Starting with the second tableau pile, an additional four cards are dealt face up to each.




Any exposed card, regardless of its position in the tableau, may be built down in value and alternating suit color on the top card of another pile.
The top card of a pile is always available for play on a foundation.
Whenever the exposed cards of a pile are cleared away, the next card is exposed and becomes available for play.
A space made by clearing away an entire pile may be filled by only a King (plus the cards, if any, covering the King).




Move the four Aces to the row above the tableau as they are made available.
Build the foundations in ascending suit sequence from Ace to King.


To Win


Move all the cards to the foundations.


Scoring: One point for each card moved to a foundation. Maximum score is 52.


The "Other" tab of the Options panel also offers the "Vegas Scoring" option. With Vegas scoring, one dollar is subtracted for each card to start the game. Each card played to the foundation results in $5 being added to the score. Therefore, a winning game is worth $208. Vegas scoring is displayed as a cumulative total as long as the Yukon game window remains open.


Chance of Winning: 1 in 4 games.


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