Three Card Sizes

Solitaire Plus provides three card sizes: small, large, and huge.

The smallest card size is designed for netbooks and older SVGA displays. All games will fit comfortably on any current netbook screen with the small size.

The large card size is designed for most desktops, laptops, and Pro tablets.

The huge card size is designed to fill large modern flat-screen displays and is a great addition for our older users with vision issues.

In addition, the user may also opt to apply an "aged" appearance or modest 3D effect (or both) to the card faces.

Control the Spacing of the Cards

Solitaire Plus provides you with control over the spacing of the cards in the tableau piles. Adjust the card spacing to your own preference to view as much or little of the covered cards as you desire. Regardless of your spacing preference, Solitaire Plus will automatically adjust the card spacing to always keep all cards visible in large tableau piles.


Any Image as a Card Back

Solitaire Plus provides several built-in card backs, but it also allows you to use any image on your PC as a custom card back for the deck. Simply use the Options | Card Back tab and the Browse... button to select the desired file on your computer.



Customize the Game Background

In addition to allowing you to use any image as a card back, Solitaire Plus supports the use of any image as a "tiled" background.

You may also use a solid or gradient color background. Any colors you can define in the standard Windows color panel can be used.

Combine your own custom card back and background image into your own personal theme while playing solitaire! There are no limits to the possible combinations.

Solitaire Plus provides more than 100 background images in the installer!

Smart Dragging

Solitaire Plus implements a "smart-dragging" feature. You can still use the click-and-drag paradigm for which you've trained yourself — but with a new twist! Simply start a drag with Solitaire Plus and release the card. Only the slightest nudge is required. The move is made automagically!

We've seen some competitors try something similar, however they forget to make the feature smart to the rules of the specific game or the feature doesn't behave consistently. We have worked hard to make Solitaire Plus as consistent as possible. Our smart-dragging works, and it works the same way every time for every pile of cards. You will discover a sense of trust in our game and the impression that some forethought went into the design.

Furthermore, you can always override our smart-dragging feature by dragging the mouse pointer over or through a specific target pile of your choice.

Autoplay to Foundations

Solitaire Plus has an optional Autoplay feature that automatically moves cards in play to the foundations. Our Autoplay is aggressive and moves all cards to the foundations as soon as they are available. We have tried both an aggressive style of autoplay, as well as a conservative style that attempts to keep some cards in play if they can be built upon, however we prefer the aggressive style. If Autoplay is enabled, we feel it should move the cards to the foundations instead of forcing the player into further action to move a card.

Our Autoplay can be enabled or disabled at will by the player as preferred during play — and it stays as set between moves. Autoplays can also be undone with Undo.

Game Statistics

Statistics are collected for each game in Solitaire Plus. The statistics include the following:

  • Number of games won
  • Number of games lost
  • Total number of games attempted
  • Overall average score of all games
  • Highest losing score
  • Average score of games lost
  • Longest winning streak and ending date of the streak
  • Current winning streak

Statistics are tracked separately for each user login in Windows XP/Vista/7.

Comprehensive Help

Solitaire Plus provides a comprehensive Help feature in English only. The terms used in the Help are consistent between games which should assist the user in learning new games — once you understand the terms for one game, it should be easier to learn a new one! Helpful popups are provided with illustrations of card builds.

The rules for each game are included with a diagram of the game window layout and a glossary of terms. Help is also provided for the features and functions of the game interface.

Additional support is also available via e-mail.