Autoplay to foundations

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autoplayGames which use foundations also provide an Autoplay available in the context-sensitive popup menu. The Autoplay feature will automatically move cards from the tableau, discard, or other game piles to the foundations as soon as they become available for play.


The Autoplay feature does not attempt to maintain balance of the foundations, but will play all cards to the foundations as soon as available. If the Autoplay feature performs moves you do not desire to perform, the Undo feature can be used to reverse one or more of the moves.



The Autoplay feature can be disabled by accessing the context-sensitive popup menu for the game and removing the checkmark by clicking the Autoplay menu item. If the Autoplay menu item is checked, the Autoplay is active; otherwise Autoplay is disabled and you will be required to move cards to the foundations manually.


The Autoplay feature may be enabled and disabled at will during a game. A speed adjustment is also available in the Options panel under the Spacing & Speed tab.


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