Rules for Baker's Dozen

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A tableau of all 52 cards contained in 13 piles spread downward.
The Kings are moved to the bottom of tableau piles so as not to block play.




The top cards of the tableau piles are available for play on foundations or other tableau piles.
Only one card at a time may be moved.
Build tableau piles down in value (any suit).
A space made by clearing a column cannot be filled.




Move the four Aces to the row above the tableau as they are made available.
Build the foundations in ascending suit sequence from Ace to King.


To Win


Move all the cards to the foundations.


Tips: Watch for blocks where lower-valued cards are buried beneath higher-valued cards in the same suit.


Scoring: One point for each card moved to a foundation. Maximum score is 52.


Chance of Winning: 3 in 5 games.


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