Change the size or look of the cards

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prefs_24To change the size or look of the cards, click with the right mouse button in a game window and select Options... from the popup menu (or use the Options... icon in the status bar).


When the Options dialog becomes visible, select the Appearance tab. Solitaire Plus provides three card sizes: small, large, and huge. You may also optionally choose an "Aged Appearance" and "3D Pips". A preview image is provided.




NOTE: The current game window must be closed before the size option will take effect.


Card Size

Suggested Minimum Desktop Area

(W x H in pixels)

Computer Type

Small Cards

800 x 600

Netbook and older Win9x desktops

Large Cards

1024 x 768

Most laptops and desktops

Huge Cards

1680 x 1050

Late model desktops with 20" and larger displays



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