Rules for Indian Patience

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Indian Patience is similar to Forty Thieves, but with some interesting variations... Other similar games in Solitaire Plus include Queen of Italy.






A tableau of thirty cards, ten columns each containing three cards.
All cards are face up initially except for the bottom card of each tableau pile, which is face down.




The top card of each tableau pile is available for play on foundations or other tableau piles.
Only one card at a time may be moved.
On the tableau, build down in descending sequence and differing suit.




Turn up cards from the stock one at a time, leaving unplayable cards in a single wastepile.
The top card of the wastepile is always available for play on foundations or tableau.
The stock is not recycled.


Protected Cards


When a face down card is exposed in the tableau, the card will be turned up and become a "protected" card.
Protected cards may only be moved to a foundation.
When a protected card is moved to a foundation, the empty space will be filled from the stock with one face down card and two more face up (for as long as the stock contains the cards to do so).




Move the eight Aces to the row below the tableau as they are made available.
Build the foundations in ascending suit sequence from Ace to King.


To Win


Move all the cards to the foundations.




When the stock is exhausted, then all "protected" cards become free for use in the usual way. There is no recycle of the stock during a game.


Scoring: One point for each card moved to a foundation. Maximum score is 104.


Chance of Winning: Estimated at 2 in 3 games if you are patient.


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