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jesterWelcome to Solitaire Plus!


Solitaire Plus is a collection of solitaire games for Windows® 98/ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista™, and Windows 7/8 32/64 bit versions.


Some of the features included in Solitaire Plus are:


A current total of 30 games (some with multiple variations such as Spider)
Smart-dragging feature that requires that cards only be nudged to move to a target pile
Arbitrary two-color gradients and tiled bitmap background support
Built-in sounds
"Bouncing card" animation on wins
Comprehensive help and rules for each game
Scoring and statistics


What's new in Solitaire Plus version 3.0?


New face card artwork
New Huge card size for modern large LCD displays
Six new built-in card backs
Updated help


For a more comprehensive release history, check the History page at our web site.


Solitaire Plus is developed and distributed by