Context-sensitive popup menus

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contextIn order to maintain a clean, uncluttered appearance of game windows, as well as reserve as much space as possible for the game layout, Solitaire Plus does not provide menu bars or toolbars.


Instead, Solitaire Plus provides convenient, context-sensitive popup menus that can be accessed in each game window by clicking with the right mouse button.


Common commands such as Undo, New Game, Restart, etc. are present in each game's popup menu, as well as menu items specific to each game. For example, the Klondike popup menu contains menu items to control the number of cards turned up from the stock.


Keyboard shortcuts are also provided for commonly-used commands.


Note: If you have configured your mouse for left-handed operation, then the context sensitive menus will be accessed using the left mouse button. Normal game play will use the right mouse button.


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