Enable/disable sounds

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prefs_24To enable or disable sounds, click with the right mouse button in a game window and select Options... from the popup menu (or use the Options... icon in the status bar).


When the Options dialog becomes visible, select the Sound tab. If the Disable All Sounds box is checked, no sounds will be activated during game play. If the Disable All Sounds box is not checked, then you may individually enable or disable the available built-in sounds by checking or unchecking the box for each. A button is provided to the left of each box that allows you to preview the sound.




Solitaire Plus supports using a custom sound for the startup of the game. To use a custom sound at game start, check the Use Custom Startup Sound box and then click the ... icon in the associated textbox to browse your computer's drives and find a sound that you wish to use.


Hint!  In Windows Vista/7 it is possible to adjust the volume of sounds on a per app basis using the Sound Mixer dialog that is part of Windows. Therefore you can set a volume level for Solitaire Plus that is independent from your computer's overall sound volume.



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