What is Solitaire Plus?

Solitaire Plus!™ is a fully-featured PC solitaire game collection designed for Microsoft Windows® with convenient card play features not found in other solitaire games.


Latest Version 3.0

Solitaire Plus! version 3.0 now includes an optional huge card size designed to fill the larger displays of newer PCs.

The new larger cards make game play even more enjoyable on your large display, and are a great addition for our customers with aging vision.

See the detailed release history here.

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Plays Fast!

Do you get a warning about "hardware acceleration" with the bundled solitaire games in Windows Vista/7 and then the games play glacially slow?

That won't happen with Solitaire Plus. Try it! Solitaire Plus plays fast on any hardware and you get 30 games to enjoy instead of just three!

System Requirements

Solitaire Plus! runs on any desktop PC, laptop, or Pro tablets using Windows 98/ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista®, Windows 7 32/64-bit and Starter editions, and Windows 8/10/11 32/64-bit editions. It requires at least an 800x600 pixel display.
Screenshots: Click the images below to see a larger version

Our Design Philosophy

Our game plays "smart and fast". We made the game visually appealing, but skipped the glitzy (and often slow and tiresome) effects that can distract from the fun of a mind-puzzling game of your favorite solitaire. In short, we want our game interface to become second nature to you and generally stay out of your way.

Wish to Upgrade?

Are you an existing customer that wishes to upgrade to the latest version of Solitaire Plus? Simply download and install the latest trial version over your current copy. Your registration should be automatically recognized.